Homemade Microwave Popcorn! Who knew!?!

I don’t know about you, but I love popcorn.  I mean, who doesn’t?  Seriously!

The only problem is, I don’t like the way store-bought microwave popcorn smells.  I think it’s stinky.  I guess it’s all the chemicals they put in it so it will pop in the microwave, I don’t know, it just stinks. (Oh, and have you ever burnt microwave popcorn? ‘Nuff said...)

Anyway, I came across this recipe at SquawkFox for homemade pop-corn. For real!!

I had no idea it was this easy!  I wish I had this recipe years ago.  It just tastes so much butter… I mean, better. ;)

Here’s what you do: Get a brown paper lunch bag and add a ½ cup of popcorn kernels. That’s it!

Now, take your bag with the pop-corn kernels and fold over the top of the bag a couple of times (do not staple, you can use tape if you have a problem with the bag opening during popping.) and set it in the micro, like this…

Cook it for about 2½ minutes.  Stop the microwave when the popping slows to 1 pop per second. (This is important, or it will burn.) ;)

Here’s what my first batch looked like…


Oops!  So, the next time I used two bags, (one inside the other) and it was fine.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well it popped up.  About the same amount of un-popped popcorn as you would see in a bag of store bought popcorn.

And the taste!  So yummy!  Brought back memories of the air-popped popcorn that my parents used to make.  Ahh!!!

I picked up some stuff to put on my the kid’s pop-corn. There are all kinds of popcorn topping in the popcorn isle.  Here is what we used..

You can use just plain butter and salt, if you like.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try this, and how you like it. (All negative comments will be deleted.)  (Just kidding! ;) )

Happy Monday all!


Homemade Microwave Popcorn! Who knew!?! — 3 Comments

  1. I tried this (did the double bag like you said you did) and it was burnt just like the microwave popcorn does, as soon as I opened the door you could smell it was burnt and I opened the bag and YUCK! I have a Whirley Pop (we are popcorn people!) and use it about 5 days out of the 7 and I was thinking this would be nice to just so I don’t have to stand there twirling the machine until popcorn is done, but didn’t work for me. It was a great idea though! Thank You.

    • Oh man! I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. My kids make it all the time with no problems. (They just listen for the popping to slow to about 1 or 2 pops per second.) I wonder if it has to do with different makes and models of microwaves, and the way they cook???? Thanks for visiting Dawn, and letting me know. :)