We Will Never Forget…

Yesterday we remembered a day we will never forget.  A day that has been seared upon our hearts and minds.  This tragedy of 9/11, we will always carry with us, quietly in the back of our thoughts.


I want to say thank you to all the men and woman who gave the ultimate sacrifice to help bring others to safety. And, to also thank those who lost limbs for this great cause.


Thank you to all those who stayed behind and cleaned up after this terrible tragedy. Thank you for uniting us as a nation.


I am proud of these great men and women of America, who, forgetting self, took on the call to action.  I am proud to be called an American, with a burning love for this great nation.

Yesterday we remembered the thousands who died in the twin towers and the Pentagon, as our flags were flown at Half Staff. Let us also remember those who were left behind, and those who survived.  These men and women carry a great burden.

We will never forget…

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