Beaded Indian Corn Pin

A friend from church wore an Indian corn pin like this last year, and I really wanted to take it and run make one for myself.  So, this year when she had it on for the first time, I just happened to have my camera with me.  Thanks Terri! (I don’t think she trusted me with it… I’m not sure why… ;))

Here’s what I did…

I gathered pipe cleaners, beads, corn shucks, and a ribbon. Oh, and some hot glue and a pin for the back.

In case you are wondering what “corn shucks” are…

(I’m pretty sure this is not what you really call them, but I figure, if you “shuck corn” then that stuff that comes off must be corn “shucks”, yes? Actually, I think they are called “husks”. We’ll call ‘em “shucks” for short. ;))

I took three dark brown pipe cleaners and I pulled out the little fuzzies from the end. I took off about ½ inch of the fuzzies.

I threaded on a small round bead on the end with no fuzzies. I then used needle nosed pliers to make a small loop on the end of the wire to secure the bead. Like this…

On the other end of the pipe cleaner, I began threading on tri-beads and brought them all the way down until they touched the round bead. I alternated colors of beads to resemble Indian corn. I did this until I had about 1½ (give or take) of beads on the pipe cleaners. I made three beaded ears of corn.

I wanted to have some dangley (apparently dangley is not a word, ’cause spell check is telling me so…:)) beads coming from the end of the corn, so I took a jewelry finding and added a couple of beads and then looped off the end like this…

I added the dangley beads to the end of the corn and secured them with my needle nose pliers.

Then, I began gluing my beaded corn into the corn shucks that I had cut down to fit my corn.

After gluing all three corn ears into the shucks, I twisted the pipe cleaners together, leaving the shucks flat, like this…

Next, I cut down my husks to the desired length for my pin…

and glued down the tips on the top of each ear of corn, like this…

Then, I cut off the excess shucks, and cut into the tips to make it look a little more frayed.

Finally, I tied it all together with a ribbon and glued a pin on the back.

Ain’t she pur-rdy?

Okay, I have to admit, I miss summer, but stuff like this makes fall pretty fun! ;)

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Hi! Saw you at the linky. My kids made these at school and they aren’t as fancy and as nice as yours, but still a treasure. Thanks for sharing! andrea@townandprairie

  2. This is gorgeous and amazing! You did a great job. I hope you will come link it up with the Frog this week. Party starts tonight @

  3. you have the best ideas! But I feel like I’m always telling you this. But it’s honestly true. I love your blog! Thanks for linking up to T’ Time! Maria

  4. Oh so glad I saw this, love your pin. I would love for you to share at my Fall ongoing linky. I also have a weekly anything goes linky, fri-monday, come strut your stuff.

  5. I love this pin. I have a question, on the other end of the pipe cleaner where you add the other beads, do you leave the fuzzies on and just thread over them? Thanks!

  6. Great job! It’s beautiful! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Show & Share! Can’t wait to see you again this Wednesday!


  7. What a fun idea, I’d never seen pins like that before! I’m gonna pin this, because I think it would be such a fun craft to make with our Daisy Troop although even with help it might be a little too advanced. But then again, I can always make it with just my own Daisy scout.

  8. Amazing use of corn and beads, really a brilliant idea, planning to try it out, the beads are so perfectly woven and wrapped in the corn, really a cheap way for a make over.
    Gestuz online

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