Light-Bulb Penguins

Last week I showed you how to make snowman ornaments using a light bulb…

Okay, I have one more light-bulb ornament to show you…  promise! (But, if I find another, stinking cute, one to make, then I take no responsibility for the previous statement… :D)

Light-bulb penguins!

I found the idea on Pinterest. The pin came from a website that was in Portuguese,( in English it is called Art of Making.  Thank you Google translator!) but pictures are all you need to see the cute ornaments on the site.

I really liked the penguin, and I knew I could copy it. (I’m the master copy-catter! *wink*wink* ;))

It was pretty easy, and my kid’s even helped make one for themselves (with some assistance.)

I painted the bulbs white the same way I did for the light-bulb snowmen.  I added the ribbon to hang it, but waited until the end to add the hat.

I penciled on the body and then painted it black (or red, if your name is Jonathan.  Did I mention, he’s three???… :)). This is the part the kids helped with, I just instructed them not to paint inside the pencil line.

After the body was dry, I drew on the face, wreath, and then the wings (penguins have wings, right? flippers? Oh! You know what they are!), painted everything, and let it dry.

Finally, I added the hat, just like I did for the snowmen, but no scarf for the penguins, I thought they were cute without it.

Hands down, penguins are my new fave!

They are just so stinking cute!

Have a great rest of the week, peeps!

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Light-Bulb Penguins — 75 Comments

  1. Okay, I did not think I could like anything better than those snowmen….but you did it again. These are so stinkin’ cute! I have got to try this….love it!

  2. I love these lightbulb ornaments- never made one, but I need to! Thanks for linking to Things I’ve Done Thursday!

    Sew Rugged @ bear rabbit bear

  3. These are toooo cute…I love doing a lot of xmas craft… every year i’m always doing ornaments for our xmas family gathering. I made Santa Claus from lightbulb few years ago and i was thinking to go lighbulb ornaments again and the your Penguins are amazing… NEVER would of thought Gloves and baby socks will work as beenies and scarf… Love your snowman as well…

    Thanks for sharing your craft.. i think i need to start a page as well and show all the ornaments I’ve done every year…

  4. Hi Stephanie, So nice to have found your blog! Your penguin lightbulbs are adorable. Believe it or not I was actually thinking of doing the same thing a few weeks ago! Yours turned out so very nice! Happy to find another painted her in blogland and have followed your blog. love to have you stop by sometime to my little corner of the world and say hello as well!

  5. These are SO CUTE!!! I was going to make a light bulb penguin ornament…plain…but now I’m re-thinking and might have to make a personalized one for each of my kiddos!

  6. Oh I love these! It makes me wish I could paint! Thanks for linking up with me last week for Friday Favorites. I’m featuring you in this week’s special Holly Bloggy Christmas Edition!

  7. Just adorable!! I heart penguins. Wow, the things you can do with a light bulb! Great work…thanks for sharing these at Shine On Fridays; hope you’ll be back to shine again tomorrow!

  8. Your pretty darn good at ornaments aren’t you. I thought you snowman were great and how you follow with penquins. Wherever do you get these ideas! I struggle to keep my creative juices flowing, and yours is like a waterfall. and you used a light bulb, how clever is that. I also wanted to take one of your double chocolate cookies but couldn’t. My mouth was watering. Thanks for joining in on Sunday’s Best and sharing your creativity with us.

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