Handcrafted Pendants

Would you believe what these are made of??? Well, of course you would, ’cause your smart!!! ;)

Salt Dough! Who knew, right???

Salt Dough Recipe 

2 parts flour
1 part salt
Some water (add enough water until dough forms and it feels like pizza dough, or bread dough, or play-doh, or whatever you’re used to… ;))

Mix thoroughly, until dough forms. Roll out and form as desired. Bake at 250° for 2 hours. Cool and paint.

To print this recipe click Salt Dough Recipe.

I know, I’m a nerd, but I like playing with salt dough. There, I said it…

But seriously, would you believe that this is salt dough??? I really love how they turned out…

I made it the same way I made the heart necklace, except this time I used Krylon Brilliant Silver spray paint, instead of fingernail polish.

I cut some of these out by hand, but some of them I cut out using… ummm… These…

What?! I washed them before I gave them back to my daughter. ;)

I also used this fancy stamper to get the images embossed onto the dough…

Yes, it’s a wooden tray… I know… I’m cool that way. :D I thought the carvings were pretty, so I used it.

To get an antiqued look I stippled watered-down black paint onto the pendants and wiped the paint off with a wet paper towel.

If you notice the round one is a little darker than the other two pendants, it’s because I used a dry paper towel to rub off the paint. I liked the lighter look of the other two, so I went with a wet paper towel for those.

So easy, and so cheap to make! Love it!

Have a lovely week, every-peeps! :D

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  1. Steph,

    I have never used salt dough before so I have a question. Did you cut out the shapes first and then emboss with the tray or do it the other way round? Great idea for making your own charms for a necklace or bracelet. I have cutters in different shapes for clay that are tiny. Using these with the dough would make great charms because they are the right size. Thanks for the idea.


    • Maureen,
      Thanks for stopping by! I just worked with a small piece of dough at a time, maybe a little larger than a walnut, and rolled it out and then pressed that into the tray. Then I took the embossed piece of dough and cut out my shapes. Hope this helps! :D

        • Stephanie, would larger bits of dough work, say the size of a tile? Also how long will they last before baking? Was hoping to do this with a class of students as tiles for the classroom.

          • Also! (so sorry) would normal paint work? We can’t use spray paint in the classroom
            Thank you! I’m excited at this idea

          • Hi Lara! I’m not sure how well tiles would work. They might get kind of bubbly if they are too big. Your best bet would be to try out a few at home to see how you liked ‘em. And, yes, I think regular paint would work just fine. Hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Am I impressed! and ready to try!
    I have to eliminate white/all purpose flour so now, instead of throwing out the flour, I can use it to make jewellery. I love jewellery!

    • No, you don’t have to bake them, it just speeds up the drying time. You will want to leave them set out for several days so they can air dry. I’ve never put them in the microwave before, so I’m not sure how that would turn out. Maybe you try a small piece of the dough and zap it for about a minute to see what happens. Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by! :D

  3. I would have bet that those were made out of silver clay…..the kind you have to bake in a jewelry kiln! I can’t wait to try this… I’d love for you to share this @CountryMommaCooks Link & Greet Party
    going on now-Sunday night……Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. these look great! I love how you used your tray as a stamp. I use stamps a lot while working with polymer clay! I should give it a try with the salt dough!

  5. No way!! Salt dough?! That’s so cool. Amazing what a little silver spray paint can do, eh? Thanks so much for linking up at Shine on Fridays!

  6. Great idea Stephanie!
    You should try fimo and sculpey, no waiting for air drying just bake them. Already colored too! And if you want to get real crazy, try mixing colors with a pasta machine!

  7. These look fab, and very creative to use the scrolling from the wooden tray. Now that’s creative. Truly impressed, and so pretty. Your beyond goodness egg casserole really sounds good and will give it a try. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best!

  8. I featured your salt dough pendants at our Sister Sunday Link Party. They turned out FABULOUS!! Love your method. Sometime you just have to make use of what you got!!

  9. I loved the idea also. I tried a batch with salt dough and mine looked too grainy. I bought silver sculpey and they turned out fabulous. I used some old pickle dishes and candle holder for the embossing. Thank you. I will make many and give as gifts. Janice

    • I don’t mean to sound ignorant, but what is silver sculpey? Has anyone done these as “beads” with a hole through the center to be strung? Can you put a gloss or varnish on them to make them more “shinny” (especially if you are using color paints instead of metallic)? And lastly, is this like ceramic beads in that if they get wet, it doesn’t ruin them? I only ask that b/c of my experience with dyed (red) coral – if you don’t rinse it and floss it, it can run if it gets wet/you get caught in the rain – not a good look!!!

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  11. Stephanie, Amazing how things work out. I wrote down you website 2 days ago to check out. I saw the pendants yesterday and wrote down the idea. Today what do I find but they are one and the same. But really! When I read you used a fancy stamp for the images and then scrolled to the tray….I lost it. I laughed and laughed! Thanks..I needed that. Will be trying this soon with a friend. Her name is also Stephanie.

    • Hi Jessica! My mom has an ornament that she puts on her tree every year that is made out of salt dough. I made it for her when I was in kindergarten. It is unpainted and still in good shape. (Unless you count the bite marks that I left ’cause I thought it was a cookie! LOL!) *I was in Kindergarten 30 years ago.* (Yikes! I feel so old now!!! :D)

      The paint will also help protect them, just don’t get them wet, and they should last awhile. I’m not sure how well they would hold up as a bracelet, since they would be banged around a little more than a pendant would. Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by! :D

  12. !!!!WOW!!!! I’m always looking for new ideas for jewelry. I love to make things to give as gifts and to sale, and this idea is awesome. I’m scratching my head and wondering why I never thought of spray painting salt dough.

    I know what my next craft project will be. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog by the way.

    ~~ Roxanne

  13. Beautiful! I was looking for a Mother’s Day gift my infant students could “make” for their moms. I plan to get a thumb imprint then paint and antique. Thanks!

  14. Stephanie,
    My husband and I had a craft business for 28 years. Guess what we made…salt dough ornaments. Congratulations…what a supersmart idea! Best of luck to you! Michele

  15. These are beautiful! I love how you used the picnic basket toys to make the shapes. We have the same toy! I can’t wait to make these with the kids. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think they would be okay if they got wet, but I would not let the rain sit on the necklace. You would want to dry it off so the rain didn’t soak in. :D

  16. I love these? I will have to try this! I do have one question — are they hardy — will they last for years without crumbling?

    • Cindy, I made a salt dough ornament for my mom when I was in kindergarten and it has lasted for years. Now, mind you, the ornament has only been on display once a year for Christmas, but it has lasted for all these years. As for a pendant, I would think it could last that long. As long as it is taken care of, not exposed to water or moisture, and not banged around, I think it could last for years as well. Hope this helps! :D

    • Victoria,
      I’ve never tried the thumb print pendants. I’ve seen where some have made them, with salt dough so I’m guessing it can be done.

      As far as these breaking… Sometimes when salt dough is baking, it will develop a crack, and will be easy to break. I usually make two or three just incase this happens. Once it is dry, and without any cracks, it is pretty strong, and once it is painted, it is even stronger yet. Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by! :D

  17. What a lovely job you did on this project! It is absolutely GENIUS to use the wooden tray for the ‘stamping’!!! I will have to try this for sure! TFS!

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  19. Hi Stephanie! If you’ve answered this above, I apologize- I looked through the posts and didn’t see it… I was wondering: do you paint these after you bake them? I love the thumbprint idea- and the picture you have on Pinterest- were those all painted after being baked? This is probably a silly question!! ;)

  20. Hi Stephanie,
    Thanks for a great tutorial! I love the look of the salt dough jewellery.
    Just wondering if you coat it with a lacquer or anything similar after it is painted? Have you had any problems with the paint rubbing off on clothing or skin?

    • Hi Deb!
      The spray paint is a great sealer. I would not worry about sealing it, if you use spray paint. If you use an acrylic then, yes, you should seal it. Clear fingernail polish would be good. I’ve also read about a product called “liquid glass” that would be a great sealant. (although I’ve never used it myself. You may have to buy it online. Not sure if it is sold in stores. Google it to find where to buy it.) I’ve never had any problems with the spay paint rubbing off. It is pretty permanent stuff. Just don’t let your end project be exposed to a lot of water, not sure how well it would hold up to wetness. Hope this helps. Thanks for your kind words! :D

  21. I absolutely love this, and it has helped give me more new ideas for my own work. Look me up on facebook, if you have a profile, add me, and I will link you up to my page on facebook, of all the work I do. Maybe we can exchange ideas. Oh, and don’t worry,…I use my kids toys too! :D

  22. Hi!
    I have been in search of something like this! I am just wondering though, is there anyway to punch a hole in the dough? Like could I cut out a shape of a heart cleanly, and do you have any suggestions?

    These are so beautiful and so AWESOME!


    • Katie,
      You can use a toothpick for a small hole, or you can use small cookie cutters if you like. You can also cut out shapes by hand, and smooth out any jagged edges after you cut. After you bake your piece, you can sand it smooth with sandpaper. Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by! :D

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    • Melissa,
      Sounds like you are adding too much water. You just want to add enough water until the dough feels like pizza dough. Try adding the water a Tablespoon at a time. Hope this helps. :D

  24. I am in my 70’s and still LOVE “inexpensive crafting” that allows me to stay within my budget and this really caught my eye! I haven’t done anything with salt dough in decades….but that is going to change, LOL! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  25. Oh my, if only my 2° grade art teacher had only said this would be good for jewellery! I was going to make cold porcelain right now but I think I’m making salt dough instead :D This is SO cool!

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      • ok so you used the black first and then just spray painted over the top …did you use a rag or anything to take off some of the craft paint ???

        • I spray painted the silver first and then took a brush and dabbed a little black craft paint into the crevices and then quickly wiped off the excess. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. Enjoy your crafting. :D

          • ohh cool thank you i think im gonna do this and im gonna add some of my son’s ashes to it and send it to a few ppl that really need some help with closure of his passing …

          • Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. What a neat idea. You are so thoughtful to do that. Thanks for sharing your idea, maybe it can help other also. :D

          • tyvm do mind me sharing how to make these on a site i have for mommy’s who have lost their lil ones ? ill link back to you if you want …

  27. I do a christmas craft with all the neices and nephews every year. We usually make an ornament for their tree as gifts from them to their parents. This is PERFECT!!!! We could use christmas cookie cutters and christmas colored spray paint. What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing. I usually end up spending way too much money at hobby lobby and this is super cheap.

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  29. They look brilliant well done. A few questions. Are they durable or could they break quite easily? Painting with nail varnish and or spray would that not irritate the skin? Also do you paint black then silver or can you just do silver? Thanks x

    • Tracy,
      Great questions! Yes they are durable especially once they are painted. They should be kept dry. They are not water proof. Depending on what you are using them for will depend on how durable they will be. As a necklace they will keep. As a bracelet or ring they would get more wear and therefore not keep as long.

      I’ve never had problem with the paint irritating my skin, but if your skin is highly sensitive you should make up a test piece, paint it, and wear it around to see if it is going to bother you.

      For these pendants, I painted them silver first and then rubbed black into the imprint and wiped away the excess.

      Hope this helps! So glad you stopped by! :)

      • just wondering, if I want to make xmas tags or anything else how long do they stay hard, can I start making for next xmas ( sorry for bringing that up lol)

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  31. Love the pendants. especially the antique silver look. I have worked with clay but never salt dough so looking forward to having a go. Thank you.

  32. These are spectacular!! They’ve actually inspired me to create my own stamps!! I’ve been looking for a way to create a stamp collection without it being too involved, or costly. SOOO TICKLED to know I can create them now using this, some lace, or whatever thing I find cool like you did! THANK YOU!!

  33. This whole post was so cool! I have ideas for the embossing part; some silverware has pretty designs you could press into and buttons can have detailed designs, too.

  34. That’s incredible, I’ve only just heard of salt dough but I really love how inventive this is! Thanks for the inspiration i’m definitely giving salt dough a go! :)

  35. I have a quick question. I made Santa handprints with my children last year. They are painted and somehow when I got them out this year one of the little Santa hands had a soft spot. Any ideas on how to dry it out. It’s been painted and has mod podge on it.

    • Hi Nicole!
      Not sure what would have caused the soft spot. It should dry out on its own in about 24hrs. I would be afraid to put it in the oven since it has been painted… But, If you feel brave, I would try it in the oven at the lowest setting, around 175°. I would also keep the door open and keep a constant eye on it so it didn’t brown. Hope this helps.

  36. Hi just wondering if you sanded back yr pendants. As im finding mine are graining and need sanding back before painting. I also fine waiting a little while after cutting out the shapes before embossing.

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