Love Quote on Canvas

Nothin’ says lovin’ like a little love quote! :D

For this lovey-dovey I used stretched canvas, paint, some tissue paper and my printer.

I made this the same way I made the picture and quote for Dad. Except, this time I didn’t have any cool scrapbook paper, so I just painted the canvas with swirly-heartsy curly-Qs.

Next, I printed off my quote so I could tell where to tape the tissue paper. Then, I taped the tissue paper over the quote. I also found it helpful to mark an “X” in the corner of the paper so I knew how to place it back in the printer. (Do this before you print off the quote the first time, while the paper is still in the printer.)

After the ink dried, I tore the tissue paper around the quote like this…

Next, I painted a layer of ModPodge on the canvas and placed the quote over the ModPodge, and then painted another layer of ModPodge over the quote.

The ModPodge made the tissue paper “melt” into the canvas. You can barely see the tissue paper, unless you get right up close and nosey like. :D

It looks like the quote is printed right on the canvas. Pretty cool, huh?!

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week! :D

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Love Quote on Canvas — 25 Comments

  1. The swirlys look 3D. Did you use puff paint? Love it anyway. And the quote is great; I remember all these great quotes but very rarely can I remember where they come from. Maybe if it’s on my wall…… Trying to Press This. We’ll see what happens; I’m still in figure it out land.

  2. Is there a trick to printing on tissue (with my computer)? I would love to try this, but thought tissue paper might grab and cause a wreck!

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  4. This is just the think I was looking for, would never have thought of printing on tissue paper. I am definitely planning to try this. Was there any trick to laying the tissue paper on the mod podged canvas without getting wrinkles?

    • No trick really. You have about a second once you place the tissue paper over the ModPodge, so you can slightly move it into place once its on. Also, I would start from the middle and carefully lay the tissue paper, a little bit at a time, until you have laid down the whole piece. If you have any wrinkles you can cover them up with your top layer of ModPodge and they shouldn’t be too noticeable. Hope this helps! :D