Sparkly Flower Necklace

I made a new necklace to go with my Easter dress…


Ain’t she sparkly??

And the little satin flower is very addicting to make, I have to say. *ahem*

I first saw the idea for these flowers at Little Birdie Secrets.  I just love how they turn out. So elegant!

Here’s what I did…

First, cut 6 circles of decreasing sizes out of satin. (I liked the cheap costume satin the best. I think it curled nicer.) I started with the biggest circle, and then each circle after that, I cut a little bit smaller. (I used a couple of circle patterns as my guide – a larger one, and a smaller one.)


If you are a pyromaniac, you will love this next part, ’cause you will need a candle and you get to play with *fire. (*Do so at your own risk, and whatever you do, please, don’t catch your house on fire! ;))

You will also need some metal tongs. (Trust me, I tried to do this part without tongs, and it wasn’t pretty!)

Hold the edge of the circle in the tongs about an inch or two over the flame until you start to see the fabric melt, and then move on the next section on the circle. Do not leave the fabric in one spot for too long, after it starts to melt, or it will scorch the material. If you get the fabric too close to the flame, it will scorch as well. You can do a test swatch to see how your fabric will react to the flame, as all fabric is different and will melt at different heights and some will melt faster than others.


Continue melting each circle until you have done all six circles. Stack them together with the biggest on the bottom,and the smallest on top.


I wanted a little “bling” in the center of my flower. I found a sparkly button and sewed it into the center, and at the same time sewing all six circles together.

*whispering* Want to know a little secret??

I super glued a magnet on the back of the flower, and one on the necklace, so now, I can have all kinds of flowers to interchange. :D

These are so fun addicting to make… I need to go back to the store for more colors!


I think a cream one or a peach one would be pretty…

I also thought a sparkly button would be great, or an old brooch…

Covered buttons would look cute too!

Okay… I’ll stop now! ;)`

Have a great week, Peeps! :D

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Sparkly Flower Necklace — 27 Comments

  1. Clever move with the magnet…now you have many looks in one… good idea! I can see why the flowers can be addictive too…#1 they are pretty and #2 you get to play with fire. ha! Thanks for sharing at the Rock ‘N Share!

  2. I’m visiting from TT&J and love this idea with the magnet, genius! Yes, these flowers are addicting…I have lots of satin & other materials on hand for this. I even have a lot of circles already cut out and some are even “burned” already. My plan was to just do a bunch so I can then mix & match colors as I wanted…I’ve just ran out of time.

  3. Girl… those are so pretty! I love that you can change the colors with just the switch of the flower! I have to say that I would get a little addicted, too! Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

    Take care,


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