New Table + New Table Top

Do you have a glass patio table top? They’re fun, aren’t they? I mean, especially if you have kids. Am I right?

So, yeah, ours broke. (And, it wasn’t the kids fault! ;))

Just a little FYI…When a glass table top breaks, it doesn’t break a little it breaks A LOT!!! Like in a million-cadrillion (I know cadrillian isn’t a real number, it just sounds neat, mm-kay?) pieces, all over the deck!.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the mess, it was quite the sight. Here’s what the table looked like after it broke…

We looked at getting new glass to replace the top, but it is cheaper to get a new table. (weird, I know.)

Here’s our new one…

I actually like the new one better than the old one. The top looks like marble, but it’s really glass. (Yes, we are dumb, I know…)

So, back to the old table…

We were going to throw the old frame out, but then we I got the bright idea to replace the top with wood and we could have a picnic table for more out-door seating. (Like, maybe the table that the kid’s could sit at. *wink*wink* ;))

Here is what it looks like now…

It’s still not done. Doug is going to secure the top to the frame, and maybe cut down the sides a little more. I also want to stain it to match our fence.

Stay tuned for the finished product!

Oh, and…

P.S. Don’t leave your umbrella open on your glass-top patio table…on a windy day. It’s not a good idea!!! ;)

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New Table + New Table Top — 17 Comments

  1. Stephanie,
    I waited for years for an outdoor table and chair set. TWO days after I bought one the wind caught the umbrella and shattered the top. :( I asked about getting a new glass top and the price was FIVE times the cost of the entire set! XP The table was round and I replaced it with plywood. I covered the wood with vinyl that can be bought at Walmart in the fabric section. This stuff comes rolled on tubes instead of being folded on the cardboard holders. Glued the white vinyl on the plywood and attached it to the white metal frame and I had a usable table and wasn’t out the entire set. As for the glass, you aren’t kidding when you say that it goes everwhere! My daughter was four at the time and I swept up with a broom but finally bought a shop vac and sucked up the glass. The glass flew nearly five feet into the yard so I vacuumed it as well. I’m sure the neighbors thought I was crazy but it wasn’t their kid getting hurt so I didn’t care. Ah, memories!


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  3. Stephanie, you make me laugh! I love, love, love you! The Lord has truly “gifted” you. I’m glad you are sharing with others.

    • Thanks Marcy! You are so sweet! Glad I could make you laugh! I’m also glad to know that someone is reading this blog. :D Thanks for visiting! Love you too! You bring a smile to my face! :D

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