Interchangeable Magnetic Flower Pin

So, for Mother’s Day I made my mom, grandma and MIL an interchangeable magnetic flower pin.

You remember the magnetic sparkly flower necklace and the magnetic extender?

Yeah, it’s like those only it’s a pin. I made the flower the same way I made these.

To glue the magnet to the pin, I poked the pin into a paper plate and fastened it.

This way the pin would stay level until the glue dried. I used super glue gel so it wouldn’t drip and run all over the place.

Like any good daughter/grand-daughter/DIL, I did not get any pictures of my family with their new pins.  So…

I took one of myself.

I’m so thoughtful that way…

Yes, I made one for myself too! :D

I thought they turned out kinda cute! :D

Be good to your moms, It’s still Mother’s Week! (I believe in taking full advantage of Mother’s Day by extending it into a week… okay, sometimes it turns into Mother’s Month! ;))

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Interchangeable Magnetic Flower Pin — 20 Comments

  1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks for sharing that great tutorial on how to make a magnetic pin. I also love the tip about putting it IN a plate to keep it flat until it dries. I saw your post over at “Tater tots and Jello”.

  2. Hi Stephanie, I’m 58 on Boogieboard Cottage link party today. Love the magnetic jewelry. You did a wonderful job on those pins. Thanks, Helen

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