Deep-Fried Strawberries ~Troy Strawberry Festival 2012

Every Year our town puts on a *Strawberry Festival, and this year was the best!

The festival is usually down by the river on the levee. But, due to one of the bridges being renovated, the city had to move the party downtown.  It was great! I loved it being downtown! So much easier to maneuver a stroller through the crowds on pavement, than on a grassy/mud covered hillside! Just sayin’!

(Don’t let this picture fool you, the streets are never this empty! We just got there early. ;) )

The whole town gets involved, with a bike race and a 10k run, a beauty pageant, a pie eating contest, the works. The Strawberry Festival is a pretty big deal around here.

Look! The city even tints the water in the fountain pink, in honor of the strawberries!

We were smart this year, and got there about a half hour before the festival started, before the crowds got too big, and it got too hot. We were able to quickly move through all the booths, and check out the ones we were really interested in. (Which were most of them! :D )

The main booth we wanted to see was the one that made the famous deep-fried strawberries.  They are pretty famous around here and people come from miles around, every year just to get their deep-fried strawberry fix!

The deep-fried strawberries are insanely good.  The strawberries are stuffed with cream, battered and fried, drizzled with a (top-secret) butter sauce, sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with whipped cream. Woo-hoo!

To. Die. For.

I can’t even describe in words how good these are. Let me just say, if you put these delectables on top of your head, your tongue will beat your brain out trying to get to these morsels of goodness! Fo show!!!

Yes, this is the main reason I come to the strawberry festival each year.

Deep-Fried Strawberries!!!!!

Did I also mention that this deep-fried strawberry booth belongs our church? It’s our church’s mission booth.

I feel it is my duty to help support our church by doing my part and eating a boat load of deep fried strawberries.

Wouldn’t you do the same? ;)

*If you are in the Troy, Ohio area next year around the first weekend in June, for the Strawberry Festival, look up the deep-fried strawberry booth. Your mouth will be glad you did! :D

Have a lovely week, Peeps!

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Deep-Fried Strawberries ~Troy Strawberry Festival 2012 — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks Steph – a true message of Troy pride. I tho’t you might have the secret recipe of the famous Deep Fried Strawberries. I look it up on the internet and the first one I saw had beer and the second had wine so I figured that wasn’t our “Baptist” recipe :0

  2. Steph, I’ve never been to your blog before, so this was fun to go to and then especially to read your commercial for our berries!! Thanks!

  3. When I commented earlier, I didn’t realize you lived in Ohio also! The OSU sweatshirt caught my eye ;) .. that’s my school! I’ve never heard of the Strawberry Festival, but then again I’m not sure how far Troy is from Columbus. Maybe I’ll make the trip next year!