Ribbon Flag Shirt ~adorable~

I know the Fourth is over, but I wanted to share this simple little ribbon flag shirt I made my daughter to celebrate the Fourth in.

LOOOVe it! <3 <3 <3

I got my inspiration from this pin on Pinterest. (The pin did not direct to a website, so I’m not sure where it came from :()

It took like all of 5 minutes. (Okay, it was a little longer than that, but it was real-quick like. ;))

First, I figured out how big I wanted the flag to be, and then traced a faint outline of the flag onto the front of the shirt.

For the first row, I cut one blue and one striped ribbon, each the width of the flag.  For the second and third row I cut the striped ribbon double the width of the flag.

Next, I started pinning and gathering the ribbon into the outline of the flag…

You can also gather the ribbon with a baste stitch, but I was going for a more random, wavy look, so I pinned it.

Finally, I sewed down the ends of the ribbon, and then, sewed across the center of each row.

For all you visual people, *me, raising hand* here is a close up, so maybe my ramblings will make sense…


It turned out so stinking cute!

With the left over ribbon, I also made Baby Girl a little bow for her hair.

The little red ruffle skirt I bought at Wal-Mart.

Oh, and the ribbon and little white shirt came from there also. What can I say? I’m a Wal-Mart girl, y’all! (Okay, no funny comments about “People of Wal-Mart”! I’m not THAT kind of Wal-Mart girl!!!!)

I tried to get a picture of my daughter wearing her new flag shirt, but this was as good as it got…

Love the bow falling off her head! :D

(Why, yes, I do clean fingerprints off that window regularly… Thanks for asking! *ahem* ;))

Have a great one! :D

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  1. This is so cute! I love your adorable model too. Perfect for The CSI Project’s Refashion week. I am looking for cute models to feature.You should link this up to The CSI project starting today. The challenge is refashions/upcycles. This would be perfect and you just might be a winner!
    Come on by!

  2. That shirt is just darling! I saw it linked up on some blogs I linked up on and then here it was when I checked out the blog my husband came home telling me to look up! seems our hubby’s work together!!

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