DIY Sea-Salt {Texturizing} Hair Spray

I found this recipe on Blue Cricket Design. I’ve heard a lot about sea-salt hair spray, but wasn’t really sure what it was. It’s a texturizing spray for your hair. Who knew? Right?!

I love it!!!

Sea-Salt Texturizing Spray

8 oz hot water
1 tsp. sea salt
1 tsp hair gel
1/2 tsp. coconut conditioner

Dissolve the salt into the hot water and mix in remaining ingredients. Pour into a spray bttle. Use as desired.

To print this recipe click Sea Salt Texturizing Spray.

The conditioner will not fully dissolve into the water, so you will have to shake it up a bit each time you use the spray.

You can spray it on clean or dirty, damp or dry hair. I use it on both.

Here is the ghetto spray bottle I used…

Yes, that’s nail polish. Be jealous! ;)

If my hair is clean and wet, I spray the salt spray all over, before I put on anything else, and then style as normal.

If my hair is dry and dirty, I comb out my hair and then spray and scrunch. So easy.

The salt in the spray helps dry any oil, so my hair feels clean, even if it’s not. Hey, I’m a mom, I have dirty hair sometime! ;)

This sea-salt spray is definitely here to stay in my morning hair routine…

Okay, sometimes late afternoon hair routine! *ahem*

Have a spectacular week! :D

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DIY Sea-Salt {Texturizing} Hair Spray — 18 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing the tip! I love the way my hair feels if I’ve been swimming in the ocean, so I’ll have to try this since I’m no where close to the ocean!

  2. Stopping by from the Mommy Club Resources & Solutions Link Up! What a great idea :) I hope you’ll come visit me at too!

  3. I am going to try this over the weekend. I love beachy feeling hair! You’re being featured at this weeks Pinteresting Party! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ok mixed this up in about 30sec. and used it on clean damp hair. I have long, thick, and naturally very wavy hair. I chose to blowdry it out. This stuff made my hair so soft and managable, and bonus, it’s a great no-friz treatment as well for straightend hair. When I let it go natural and scrunch it, it makes it feel great and No alcohol to dry out my hair. LOVE LOVE LOVE TY for sharing.

  5. Plz i have oily hair dose this mix have the same effect of dry shampoo ??
    I usually use dry shampoo spray but later i have Dandruff

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