S’more Fun

I realize National S’mores Day is passed, but I wanted to share a couple of fun ways that we did our s’mores recently.

(Yes, my 4-year-old did dress himself. Why do you ask?)

Seriously, How could I miss National S’mores Day? (It was August 10th, if you were wondering, ’cause I know you were. ;) )

Anyhoo, we wanted to experiment with a couple of ways to make s’mores a little more interesting.

Here we made Itty Bitty Baby S’mores

Aren’t they cute?

We made them with Golden Grahams, miniature marshmallows, and mini chocolate chips. They were “fun” to make if you like creating miniature things, Chinese water torture, and pruning bonsai trees. They were easy to eat, but took foreeeeever to make.

They are cute, though, huh?

We also made Chocolate-Chip Cookie S’mores

So stinking yummy! These were a big hit with the fam, way easier than the miniature s’mores. ;)

We just used two chocolate-chip cookies and squished a roasted marshmallow (or two) in between.

We will definitely be making these Chocolate-Chip Cookie S’mores again! Fo’ sho’!

This is the way I like my marshmallows when making s’mores…

Mmmm… All nice and crispy and black on the outside, nice and soft and gooey on the inside. Who’s with me?

Ahhh… Doesn’t this fire look so nice and relaxing?

Couldn’t you just sit here for hours?

Have a happy week, Peeps!

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S’more Fun — 13 Comments

  1. Yummm. We had smores over the fire a couple times recently at my Mom’s. My sister and her family were here from Kansas and we were all together for a cookout a couple times – fun indeed!

  2. Thats how I like my mallows too! Only one in the family that does. The kids would love the mini ones, but not sure if I have the patience for them! I can handle the cookie smores though, they look heavenly!