My Baby Sis is Having a Baby!

Soon! Like any second, or minute, or day, or whatever, I will be an aunt again! We are all kind of excited around here.

This is my sister Stacy. Isn’t she a beautiful mama?! :)

A few of weeks ago we had a baby shower for her. The theme of the shower was “woodland animals”, or at least that’s what it started out being, then it quickly turned all “owls” on us. ;)

Instead of doing the traditional shower cake, we opted to do cookies and fruit instead, along with some other various finger food items (not pictured).

Stacy’s hubby, Rick made the candle sticks for us. Our dad made the cookie stands. Don’t you love ‘em?! They just scream “woodland wonderland”. Am I right?!

For the center pieces we used old, blue Mason jars, filled with stones and moss. We stuck some tree branches in them and glued on some leaves cut out of cute scrapbook paper, and then added one little owl to each center piece.

We made the owls out of bark, scrapbook paper and buttons for the eyes. I think they turned out kinda cute.

Rick also made some little candle holders to go on all the tables.

We were going for a whimsical-woodland theme so we hung some icicle lights all around the room and added some tissue paper flowers along with the lights. We also hug a branch, with lights, over the dessert table to add to the ambiance. I think it worked, except for the fact that we had to have each guest sign a waiver, in case of injuries. (Just kidding… but we did keep hitting our heads on the stinkin’ thing!)

There were lots of family and friends.

Here is part of the fam that were able to come be apart of the special day…

It was a great shower, and we had a blast!

This is our crazy friend, Nancy (whom we’ve adopted). She’s messing with the owl eyes from off the cookies. I’m not sure why, but we asked her to help with the shower. :D

I guess ’cause she is always making us laugh… oh, and we love her too! :D

I forgot to take a picture of the gifts!!! Here you can see part of the gifts peeking out from behind the table…

Stacy was given many wonderful things, and I didn’t take any pictures!!!! The most important part of the shower, and I didn’t get any pictures of her opening gifts! Uuugghh! *Sigh*

I know, I’m a bad seed.

I hope I still get to hold the baby! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Thank you to my sister Sara, Nancy, my dad and mom, and Rick for all helping out and giving Stacy such a nice shower. :D

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    • Jill, did you have problems with it cracking? I was hoping to be able to keep mine, but they have cracked a lot since my dad made them. While I do like the character of the cracks, I just don’t want them to completely fall apart. I did treat them with mineral oil to help with cracking. I’m not so sure it worked though. I guess time will tell. Did you treat your’s with anything? :D

      • You need to seal the ends. That will help them dry more evenly. There will be some cracking and checking as the wood dries, but you should still be able to use them. It will take a long time for the wood to dry completely.

  1. What a beautiful shower! I love that it was so unique. Not the same as everyone’s with all baby decorations.. I loved the owls.. Oh and congratulation auntie!.. My niece and nephews are all grown up now, in their 20’s but I do so miss when they were babies..

  2. awesome shower! i love all the lights and the owls and those cookies look spectacular! i want one! :) looks like a fun time – thanks for sharing your pictures and memories!

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