{The Best} Copy-Cat Honey Baked Ham Recipe

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Once you taste this Copy-Cat Honey Baked Ham Recipe, I promise, you will not want to pay for another expensive Honey Baked Ham again! It’s the absolute BEST!!!!!!

I’m for realz!

The ingredients for this recipe came from Copy Kat Recipes, the technique came from me.

I did not want to mess with, nor did I have a blow torch to use, like the original copy-cat recipe called for.  So, I made a syrup and broiled the ham instead. I just love how it turned out.

A. maz. ing!

I know I will never pay for another Honey Baked Ham! Ever.

Copy-Cat Honey Baked Ham

1 bone-in spiral sliced pre-cooked ham (un-sliced also works)
2 cups white granulated sugar
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg (freshly ground if possible)
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon ground clove
1/2 teaspoon paprika
2 to 4 Tablespoons water

Score outside of ham into diamond shapes and place in crock-pot. Add about 2 cups of water to bottom of pot. Heat on low for about 3 hours until heated through.

Combine the rest of the ingredients in a sauce pan. Add enough water until you get a thick syrup (about 2 to 4 Tablespoons). Bring the syrup to a boil on the stove top. Boil for 1 minute.  Remove from heat.

Remove ham from crock-pot and place in a foil lined baking pan. Baste ham with syrup. Place ham in oven and broil at 500° for 1 to 3 minutes until syrup starts to bubble. Keep an eye on the ham while it is in the oven. Do not leave ham in oven unattended as it will burn quickly! Remove ham from oven and serve.

To print this recipe click Copy Cat Honey Baked Ham.

Just look at all that crusted, sugary goodness!!! Oh my!

This is so easy, and the results are out of this world! My family could not stop talking about how good this ham was.

We spent about $15 on our large (around 8 or 9 lbs.) ham. The smallest (6 lb). ham from Honey Baked Ham is $58.95, and the largest (10 lb.) ham is $78.95. Say wha?! That is quite the mark up!

Go save yourself some moola and make your own DIY Honey Baked Ham this year.

You will probably be so excited, and will want to express your thanks by buying me expensive gifts. No need to do that!

Just, send some ham!

No really. *ahem*

Just kidding…



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{The Best} Copy-Cat Honey Baked Ham Recipe — 139 Comments

  1. Made this tonight for Christmas dinner, pretty much exactly as written (just did the heated the ham in the oven instead of the crockpot). It was AWESOME. Definitely a keeper.

  2. I made this for Christmas dinner (2012) and it was the best ham I have ever tasted! I thank you for this recipe and will forever more be our holiday dish!

    • Actually no. Lol! I know it sounds funny. I tried making this with honey, but it was just too sweet. It’s weird, I know. You can try a little honey in the water when you heat the ham, if you like. We like it without, and I think it tastes more like the original “Honey Baked Ham” without the honey. :D

  3. We do this but put the spices and stuff on like a dry rub then use the blow torch ( true ! good way
    to get the hubby involved ha ha ) comes out nice and crunchy and gooey.

  4. THANK YOU!!!! I’m responsible for making our Easter ham this year and decided to do a practice run with your recipe. My mother and grandmother who are both tough critics both loved this ham! I will definitely make this for Easter and any other time I make a ham! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  5. Honey Baked Hams only cost so much because it takes two people 4 hours to make the delicious sugary crust. They do this by hand, one shakes on the sugar and spices, and the other blow torches. If spending $100 on a ham employs American people and not robots, I’ll totally pay that much for a ham.

  6. Kristin…. Your a little over the top. If your going to let someone else do your cooking, why even be on this site! Two people and a blow torch…….lol

    • Ya that was an odd comment. Maybe a Honeybaked corporate troll?!? Lol kinda kidding. All the more power to Kristin ifvsge can afford $15 a pound ham. For the rest of us, oh my this is so good!

  7. In my area, a Honey Baked ham cost 8.99/lb. I really can’t justify spending over $80 on a 10lb ham no matter how many American people they employ, sorry. I will however be trying out this recipe, which I originally found on that Copy Kat website, but I’m sticking with the butane torch. I’m a little worried at how sweet it will turn out as the only spiral hams available to me are pre glazed. Ill probably tweak the recipe a bit as well.

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  9. I made this recipe for Easter and everyone loved it! I stayed to your recipe exactly and I couldn’t have been happier with the results! My husband is still bragging on his wife’s cooking! That is the only thing my two year old ate on Easter! Thank you for an easy and very enjoyable recipe! God Bless!

    • Actually, I need to re-word that a bit. If you are using a spiral cut ham, you don’t need to worry about this part. If you are using an uncut ham then you will want to score the outside of the ham. When you score meat you simply take a knife and run it along the outside of the ham in rows. First in rows horizontally, and then vertically, this will create diamond shapes. You just want to cut through the fat and down into the top layer of meat, so you are not cutting in real deep. This scoring allows for the fat and seasonings to be able to cook down into the meat so it will be more flavorful. Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by! :D

  10. Thanksgiving is approaching fast and I just had a question about what exactly goes in the crockpot is it just the water and cook on high for three hours then combine all the other ingidients for the crust ? Just want to make sure I am reading this right ! Thank you and can’t wait to try this !!!!


      • I’m not sure what you mean by “crock pot” for three hours on high.
        I find it had to believe that sitting the ham in a boiling bath will take three hours to heat it.
        Perhaps you are talking about a slow cooking crock? If so why not just a pot with an inch or so of water on the stove top until heated?

  11. I was just wondering if adding ‘enough water’ (2 to 4 tablespoons) is enough to allow the 2 cups of sugar plus all the dry ingredients to become a thick syrup? Am I missing something or over-reading the directions? Thanks and I am excited to try this in a few weeks!

  12. I met a lady at Aldi’s last week and she shared your recipe with me. I am making it now. I just wanted to say thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you and the lady who shared it with me. I will let you know how it turns out:)

  13. Hi Liz,
    Doing it in the oven did u wrap in foil and place in pan with rack and water at bottom?I want to try in oven but not sure on proceeder. Thanks Carla

    • Hi Carla,
      If you want to heat your ham in the oven, just place it in a pan with a little water in the bottom, cover and bake until heated through. (Not sure how long, or what temp as I don’t heat mine in the oven. I would guess a medium temp for about 45min? Someone else might be able to give you a better answer on the temp and time.) After the ham is heated through, follow the recipe above for the glaze. Enjoy! :D

    • When making mine in the oven (which I don’t do anymore because the crockpot is even better with keeping it from drying and just making it fall apart fab) I use to do a low setting around 250 for a few hours or even lower say 100 for a few hours and baste it every 30 mins. This kept it from drying out and warmed it slowly.

  14. I made this fabulous Ham for Easter last year and I agree it’s a perfect copycat. For all we know its the real deal and how they might even make the real ones! My family also couldn’t believe how good it was. I’ve been just WAITING to make another! Christmas Ham here I come! I’ve never been so excited over Ham.. Until I made this. Delish!

  15. Make this tonight for dinner. WOW! Delicious! Excellent! This recipe is a keeper for sure! With the leftovers I will be making Scalloped Potatoes tomorrow! Thank you so much for sharing this fabulous recipe!

  16. I’ve made this several times. Hands down the best recipe! Tastes exactly like honey baked hams. I will never pay outrageous prices again for them :-) Thank you for sharing with all of us!!

  17. I’m going to try this tonight for a special dinner with our Pastor and his wife!! Leaving out the cloves though… I just don’t like them!

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  19. I made this ham for Thanksgiving. But instead of making a syrup, l mixed the ingredients with water and put it on the ham and between the slices. I broiled it at 475 °. It took a little longer to carmalize, but the results were amazing. It was just like eating a Honey Baked Ham, with all that yummy, sugary crust. I’m going to try it with brown sugar for Christmas. Thank you for this delicious recipe.

  20. What am I scoring in ham into diamond shapes? I am so confused about the first paragraph of information. I’m a bit of a novice at cooking, so could you help me understand? Is the water in the foil with the ham?

  21. Hi Ariel.
    I’m sorry that first paragraph wasn’t clear.
    To score a ham, you take your knife and make shallow cuts along the outside of the ham. This allows the seasoning to penetrate down into the ham. If your ham is already sliced, you can omit this step.
    Hope this helps! :)

  22. Great recipe. However, HoneyBaked uses the highest quality ham that has been slow smoked for twice as long as the other hams to make it fall off the bone tender and flavorful. HoneyBaked hams never touch an oven or crock pot. Your glaze recipe is completely wrong as well. You are crazy and do not know what you are doing, lady.

    • Really guy you have nothing better to do with your time? Do you even need the recipe? What are you doing on this website you troll? Sorry the most you accomplished in life was being a honey baked ham maker. You probably weren’t even that! You may resume your miserable existence.

    • Its REALLY too bad that people have to be rude when a person shares their recipes and the readers make such comments as this one.
      Nobody has to share a recipe and certainly nobody has to make anything that they don’t like…but when a person takes their time to pass along information that worked well for them ( and others!) It seems that if you haven’t anything nice to say you should not comment.
      Many Methods can be successful for different individuals and I always wonder why someone is looking up a recipe for something they don’t think will work especially if they haven’t tried to execute it..maybe a thanks for sharing would suffice…your comment was rude “MR”…the woman who posted this had a name ..not “lady” either.

  23. Glaze recipe is pretty good. I used brown sugar instead of white granulated sugar. I didn’t get the crisp as a honey baked ham. And for some reason, my ham wasn’t as firm as a honey baked ham is. Not a bad recipe…we’ll likely stick to Honey Baked Hams for the holidays though.

  24. Just made this tonight to serve for a Christmas breakfast in the morning, the piece I sampled was delicious and my husband thought so also. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I just made this recipe and it turned out beautifully! I used a pre-cooked spiral-sliced ham so I didn’t need to cook it in a slow-cooker but I did warm it in the oven until the glaze hardened. HOLY SMOKES! It tastes EXACTLY like a Honey-Baked™ Ham! ha ha ha! Thank you for posting this wonderful recipe and saving my Christmas! :-)

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  27. Hi…can I cook the ham in the oven instead of the crockpot? If so do you have any tips for oven temp and cooking time?

    • I did NOT use a crock pot. The directions on my pre cooked ham was heat 20 min per pound at 325 – cover loosely with foil. I placed the ham directly into a roasting pan 2.5 inches deep.

  28. OMG this is awesome! I am definitely adding this to my holiday rotation. I picked up a pre cooked 10 lb ham after Easter for $.69/lb. My hubby and I aren’t fans of clove so Left that out and added in some garlic powder instead. I didn’t have enough white sugar, so I used half white sugar and half coconut sugar and added in some honey to the glaze. The ham was so moist and fabulous. So tender It fell off the bone. Just as good as an over priced honey baked ham ANYDAY!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  29. I love this recipe, this is the third year I’ve made my ham using your recipe and I definitely don’t see me having to try any other. I personally think it’s BETTER than HB, so let me thank you a million times for this recipe ????. Also, turkey sounds like it would be fabulous.

  30. 2016-Thanksgiving was yesterday and I used this recipe. Everyone, with the exception of those in the kitchen helping me cook, thought I got the ham at the Honey Baked Ham store. My sisters and I have tried many times in the past years to copy their recipe and never quite mastered it. I’m so grateful to you for sharing this.

  31. I made this for Thanksgiving. This was delicious and even easy! I did exchange 1 cup of white for brown sugar. You have save me thousands as I wil never buy another honey baked ham again! Thank you

      • Merry Christmas (day after) and Happy New Year. Have your ham recipe in my crock pot for our family Christmas Dinner tonight, thanks to work and travel plans, we had to adjust. It smells heavenly!! Made some tweaks used pear juice instead of water and didn’t have dijon so used regular mustard. Could not wait for dinner and sampled. Wow! Thanks for sharing! This will be a family favorite for years to come.

  32. We have always bought the Honey Baked Ham as long as I can remember – sort of a tradition. This year we have a very tight budget and I come across your copy cat recipe which seems to be a hit!! My family likes ham cold so would it be just as good prepared a day or two ahead of Christmas? Also, is there a specific brand you could recommend for the ham. I usually shop at Walmart and I just don’t know which one to buy. Thank you.

    • Tracy,
      I actually get my ham from Aldi. I just get the plain ham, not the fancy foil wrapped ham. Any brand will work. If you normally shop at Walmart, just get the plain ham, you pay a premium for the gold foil wrapped ham. :)

  33. Thank you so much for the recipe. I, like many other posters, have spent a lot of $$ on Honey-Baked Hams. I should own stock…lol. I will be making this for Christmas dinner this year. I found an interesting ingredient, smoked brown sugar, which I will be substituting for most of the white sugar. Can’t wait to try it. Happy Holidays!

  34. Just curious… we normally eat out Honey Baked Ham cold. Do i still need to warm the ham for the glaze part to work? I really just want a yummy ham with that delicious crunch like the one we all over pay for. Lol.

  35. I made this for Christmas Eve Dinner last night and it was a huge hit! Next time I might add a little less clove. I will definitely be making this again. It was so easy and delicious. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

  36. Merry Christmas! Just had to say this was awesome!! My daughter used to work as a prep cook and said they soaked ham overnight in orange juice. Going to try that next year. But this was so good as written!!!

  37. Thank you sooo much for sharing this great recipe! Had all the family over for Christmas and everyone loved it (including my dad who will only eat honeybaked ham). Instead of 2 cups of water I used 1 cup of OJ and 1 cup of water. Crock Pot made it so tender and juicy. This is now my go to ham recipe!

  38. I was looking at this recipe and different ones with bourbon. I like your better, but what would you think about adding bourbon to your’s? Thanks!!!

  39. I made a 9 lb ham today using your sauce. I heated my fully cooked, spiral sliced, Archer Farms (Target brand) ham in the oven based on the instructions on the packaging. I wrapped my ham in foil and placed it in a pan and poured 1/2 cup apple juice mixed with 1/2 cup orange juice over the ham before closing up the foil. I cooked the ham at 275 degrees for 1 hour and 40 minutes. The ham was very moist and tender. I made the mistake of making the syrup right after I placed my ham in the oven. By the time my ham was heated thru and ready for the sauce my sauce was hard and stuck to the pan. I had to scrape it and add a little water to slightly re-constitute it. Moral of the story….make the sauce about 5 minutes before your ham is done. All turned out well. Everyone loved the ham and I received many compliments. Thanks for the recipe!

  40. This ham is packed full of flavor!! I love it.
    (instead of water at the bottom of the pan,I like to make it a little sweeter by subbing for apple juice)
    I make it even when it’s not the holidays.Who says you can’t have ham all year round? Thanks for the recipe!!

  41. I want to make this ham but would have to travel over 1 hr before get to location of holiday. how could i make this ham. Can i heat ham then keep in crockpot and make glaze and put in oven at location?

  42. Thanks for sharing! Going to try this recipe tomorrow. I do however have a question. 3hrs in a crock pot is that for a frozen ham or a refrigerated, fully cooked ham? I’m worried about over doing it & winding up with a dry ham :-/

  43. I made this for easter and it came out great! I was not a big ham eater before but absolutely loved this ham! The only problem I had was I bought a 10lb ham and the lid would not fit over ham in crockpot so had to heat in oven! Try a smaller ham next time.

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  45. I found this recipe a couple years back and it has changed our lives! Thank you so much!! I have made this for both Easter and Thanksgiving for the last two years and it’s worked out perfectly every time. It’s become a family favorite and has even been requested by the children! So, I’ll be making this again for Thanksgiving this year and just wanted to express my appreciation. You’re statement of “you’ll never pay for a HoneyBaked Ham again” was spot on!! Thanks again & Happy Holidays!

  46. I just made this but did not have a clove and choose not to add nutmeg or cinnamon but I did add a bit of honey… it came out BETTER THAN HONEY BAKED HAM… Thank you so much for sharing

  47. I am wondering if you can make the day before and then reheat the ham for serving the next day? Have you tried that by chance? I am excited about trying this for a Christmas party! Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

  48. I made this last year for Christmas. My ham did not fit in my crockpot so I warmed it in the oven @ 325° for 12 mins per pound. Made the glaze and and placed under broiler. Super delicious. Nice crusty glaze. I’m making it again this year.

  49. I made this on Thanksgiving in 2015 and 2016, someone else did the ham this thanksgiving so I’m doing it for Christmas. My family loves it.

  50. Hello! I’m trying this ham for Easter and I was wondering if I precooked the ham in my crockpot on Saturday and made the syrup ahead of time as well if the results would be the same? I plan to baste and broil it on Sunday just in time for lunch?

  51. On this page, recipe says heat on ‘low’ for 3 hours. When you click on print recipe, it says heat on ‘high’ for 3 hours. Which is correct?

  52. Buy yourself a small blowtorch for this! Soil I worth it, and in my opinion its safer and easier than dealing with a sugar-laden hunk of meat under a broiler ( I have a bad back and got me the bending over is torture and once you get to the glazing step its important to watch that sweet glaze carefully to prevent burning). Buy a torch from a kitchen supply store, like one that woykd be used for creme brulee, for example. Or, be not fancy and go to the hardware store and get a small PLUMBERS Torch! And don’t Worry about the glaze being too sweet. Its just a thin coating (really a crust if you do it right!) On the outside. The inner meat is moist, savory and I seriously cannot say enough positive comments about it! Our Thanksgiving this year will be dulled with 40+ peoole. 2 people are making really large turkeys and I’m doing 2- 10 pound honeybaked hams because last year for Christmas day it was just me, hubby and 2 teenage boys. I made this for the first time. It wasn’t a huge ham, but for the 4 of us I think it was 6 to 8 pounds . we were so impressed with our ham we ate almost all of it Uth s9me leftovers for lunch.

  53. Awesome recipe had a ham I received from work for Xmas and decided I needed to try something different had some honeybaked in the fridge already but wanted to do a side by side and it’s darn close it’s a keeper thanks

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