Gooey Popcorn Snow Balls!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Hope everyone had a safe Christmas and New Years.

We had a good time spent with family and friends. I am very blessed.

Did you get hit with the Blizzard of 2012? We did, and to honor the 7+ inches of snow outside I wanted to share my Gooey Popcorn Snow Balls.

These are super easy and taste fantastic!

*Warning!* Very addicting!!!

~LadyWithTheRedRocker~ Gooey Popcorn Snow Balls!!! So fast and easy to make! Your family will love 'em!

Gooey Popcorn Snow Balls

3 bags microwave popcorn, salted, without butter
1 – 16oz bag mini marshmallows
5 Tablespoons butter, cut into chunks

Pop 3 bags of popcorn and pour into large bowl, making sure to pick out any un-popped kernels. Set aside.

Place marshmallows and butter in a large, microwaveable bowl. Microwave on high for 1-2 minutes until marshmallows and butter are melted. Stir until butter is well mixed into the marshmallows.

Pour marshmallow mixture over popcorn and mix well.

Take a small piece of plastic wrap and spray it with a light coat of cooking spay. Spoon a small mound of gooey popcorn on the plastic wrap and wrap it around the popcorn. With hands, form popcorn into a ball. Continue until all the popcorn has been made into balls. Best if eaten within a couple of days. Enjoy!

To print this recipe click Popcorn Snow Balls.

~LadyWithTheRedRocker~ Gooey Popcorn Snow Balls!!! So fast and easy to make! Your family will love 'em!A friend from church gave me this recipe, and I’m so glad she did. Our family just loves this stuff!

One tip my friend Marcy gave me was that you can make this without forming balls. Just pour the gooey popcorn into a 9×13 and dig in. How easy is that?!

Let me answer that…

Super easy, fast and fun. My kids want me to make this all the time!

Thanks, Marcy, for sharing such a great recipe! (I will be sending you my Weight Watcher’s bill! :D )

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  1. Oh wow but those look very addicting! I made some caramel corn back in November that I couldn’t stop eating – I better not make these so soon after all the holiday food!!!