For crazy mornings like our’s try “Lil’ Griddles”!

If you have mornings like us then you will appreciate Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast “Lil’ Griddles”.


Have you ever tried them?

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They are so tasty. Just like mom makes! Every batch made from scratch. And every batch of Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast products is made with real ingredients- like eggs, milk and sugar. No fake powder stuff.

With new Lil’ Griddles from Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast, families now have big breakfast taste, in bite-sized. Yay! Just right for little fingers.

pancakes 2

The new Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast Lil’ Griddles line has three delicious bite-sized options for family fun;

New Aunt Jemima frozen Blueberry Mini Pancakes,

Aunt Jemima frozen Mini Pancakes, and

Aunt Jemima frozen Cinnamon French Toast Sticks.

Trust me. You will have a hard time making a decision on which frozen breakfast to get your family. Save time and just get all three! Your kid’s will thank you. :D

What I love about  Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast Lil’ Griddles is that they are a big help for me when I want to serve my family a warm breakfast in the morning, but I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everyone ready for church, and I don’t have time to make anything, and I don’t want the nursery ladies to see me give my daughter another granola bar for breakfast.

Okay, don’t look so innocent. You all know what I’m talking about! :D

pancakes 3

I feel good about my kids getting a warm breakfast. Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast takes great pride in making frozen pancakes, waffles and French toast just like moms across America make in their own kitchens — their griddles are just a little bit bigger. :D

The goal of Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast is to deliver every batch just like I made it myself.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast knows that I want to start my family out with a warm breakfast, and in doing so, makes the morning, and the entire day, even more special. (It also, helps that I don’t have to clean out the granola crumbs out of the car seat after we get to church.) *Ahem*

pancakes 4

Now, go save your breakfast, and your sanity!

Thank you to Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast for being a sponsor. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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