Popcorn “Cupcakes” So fun!!!

My kids had a car wash/bake sale on Saturday to help raise funds for church camp this summer. I was asked to donate something for the bake sale.

So, I made Popcorn Cupcakes.

They are like caramel popcorn balls, except I formed them in a muffin pan lined with cupcake liners.

I think they turned out kinda cute. :)

Popcorn cupcakes! So stinking cute! Gooey and yummy! ~LadyWithTheRedRocker~

Popcorn “Cupcakes”

2/3 cup un-popped  popcorn kernels (or about 18-20 cups of plain popped popcorn)
1 stick butter
1 cup brown sugar (packed)
1/2 cup light corn syrup
melted chocolate to drizzle (optional)
24 cupcake liners

Pop popcorn. (I used an air popper. If you use microwave popcorn, make enough for 18-20 cups of popped popcorn. Use plain, unsalted, un-buttered popcorn.)  Use an extra large bowl to place popped popcorn.

Line two, 12-muffin, muffin pans with cupcake liners and set aside.

Place butter, sugar and syrup in a large microwavable bowl and microwave on high for 2 minutes. Stir. Microwave for additional 2 minutes and stir again.

Pour sugar mixture over popped popcorn and mix until well coated.

Begin forming popcorn balls and pressing them into the muffin pans.

Drizzle with chocolate, if desired. Makes 24 “cupcakes”.

To print recipe click Popcorn Cupcakes.

Popcorn cupcakes! So stinking cute! Gooey and yummy! ~LadyWithTheRedRocker~

These were so quick and easy to make, not to mention adorable!

It took me longer to bag these up than it did to actually make them. Love that! :)

The caramel in these Popcorn Cupcakes is just right. Not too hard, and not too soft. Just right for holding together, but not too hard to eat either. OH YEAH!!!

Popcorn cupcakes! So stinking cute! Gooey and yummy! ~LadyWithTheRedRocker~

Gooey, and yummy, and cute!!! :)


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  1. What a great idea…we have a car wash/bake sale for the school next week. Pretty sure now that this is what I’m making (they always appreciate a gluten free option). Thanks for sharing.

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