Just in time for School! YoCrunch’s newest addition!

Where has the summer gone?! I cannot believe we are back in school again! Yikes! I am not ready!!! I know some schools have been in full swing since mid August. That’s just crazy talk!!! (I think I would move. Ugh!) :)

Well, now that the start of school is here upon us, so is the thought of school lunches!

Trying to rev up school lunches to make them more interesting and nutritious is challenging. But, here to help is YoCrunch!

Introducing, for the first time ever, YoCrunch’s newest addition!

(Cue intro music…)

YoCrunch Trail Mix with M&M’s!

Check out all 27 varieties at YoCrunch.com.

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The new Trail Mix with M&M’s variety is seriously good! My family devoured our samples that YoCrunch so graciously provided for us. (They also gave us some coupons to enjoy more YoCrunch yogurt later, and a cool tie-dye t-shirt that my hubby is sporting around.) Thank you YoCrunch! :D

Let YoCrunch take some of the decision-making out of school lunches! A quick and easy, (not to mention, nutritious) addition to your school lunches!

I know YoCrunch definitely saves the day in my house, let YoCrunch do the same for your family! :)

Enjoy your lunch! :D

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